This blog will feature reviews of history books. These reviews are intended for a lay audience who is interested in history, and may have some background in history already. These will not be scholarly academic reviews. I’m going to focus primarily on Early American (pre-Columbian-1840) secondary sources, but you might occasionally see some primary sources or some books focusing on later periods. An odd article review might crop up as well.

A bit about the reviewer: My name is Lenny Somervell. I graduated in 2012 with bachelors in History from Brandeis University. I focused (and continue to focus) my studies on early American cultural history, though I have branched out a little. I mostly studied under Michael Willrich and Jane Kamensky, as well as David Hackett-Fischer. I have limited background in theory, and I consider myself a post-modernist historian, leaning a little toward the Gary Nash school of thought on the American Revolution. I work at two historic sites, and one of my favorite things is talking to people about history. When I’m not doing history, I’m involved with Chameleon’s Dish Theater Company.


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